New Book Published – “Idle Hands” by Alana Church

Alana Church - The Succubus #1 - Idle Hands - Click Image to Close

Today we have the first offering in what promises to be a series which is several books long, at the very least. “The Succubus: Idle Hands” tells the story of two wildly different women, joined by a shared body.

Rachel Wainwright is a successful lawyer. However, one night on her way home for work, she witnesses a horrific accident. Hurrying to the scene, she comforts a dying man, and in the process, becomes the unwitting vessel to an immortal succubus named Althea.

Althea is enraged and terrified by her circumstances. She has been torn out of her own body by a foolish mortal. Forced to enter Rachel as a last resort, she is dangerously close to death, her mental and spiritual powers all but exhausted. In order to regain her strength, she must turn Rachel towards a more hedonistic lifestyle, one which will allow her to tap into the orgasmic energy which feeds her.

As the story unfolds, we will see both Rachel and Althea growing and changing in ways which neither could have possibly anticipated. And all within their orbits will need to pick a side against the darkness which lurks within us all.

See the excerpt below:

It isn’t a cock,” she whispered, “but it will do for now.” Slowly, lovingly, she thrust her fingers into her channel. All the while, her other hand played with her breasts, dancing from one passion-swollen peak to the next, stroking and kneading and pinching until she thought she would scream.

Her climax grew slowly, as if it were out of practice and unused to her demands. She slowed down, keeping her eyes closed. Memories of her teenage years flitted through her mind. Times when she had hurried home from school, horny and itchy, desperate to reach orgasm. And then the long, frustrated wait in her bedroom as she fought her own body’s needs. She had learned to her dismay that an orgasm could rarely be forced. It had to be earned.

Relax,” she breathed, repeating the mantra she had taught herself when she was fifteen. The word whispered through the muggy air of the bathroom. “Relax and concentrate. There, doesn’t that feel good?” she cooed, as she caught the rhythm of desire. Her hips rocked up and down, her hungry sheath swallowing her fingers. Even through the water, she could feel the walls of her vagina slickening.

Almost there,” she gasped. “Almost…there!” She threw her left arm across her mouth to muffle her happy shriek as she came. Her fingers dove deep within her, her thumb mashed down on her clit. Her hips bounced up once, twice, then a third time, locking in place and sending a spray of water high into the air.

Whoa, she thought, when she finally opened her eyes. That was nice.

“Idle Hands” can be found on Carnaltopia here.

Or on Smashwords here.

Thanks again to Jo and Moira for an awesome cover!


New Book Published: “The Maiden’s Choice” by Alana Church

Alana Church - Guardians of Heklos #4 - The Maiden's Choice - Click Image to Close

Hola, Borumaniacs! I know it has been a long time since we spoke (like over a week!), but I thought I’d let you know what is happening.

Today we have a new offering. It is the conclusion to my four-volume epic, “The Guardians of Heklos.” Not many people wanted to purchase a book with a length of 100K words which was partially based on medieval Europe, so I was encouraged to split “Guardians” into smaller, bite-sized volumes.

As stated above, “The Maiden’s Choice” is the conclusion of this story. In it, we have several people who must make decisions about who they are and what they want. Will they give in to fear, or will they stand tall, spit in authority’s eye, and reach for happiness?

Angela, the focus of this volume, has an especially harrowing choice to make. She is being pulled in several directions. Between her faith and her true love. Between the comfort of the world she has known and the fear of the unknown. Between the shackling chains of chastity and the terrifying freedom of desire.

This was my first story to be published, and it holds a special place in my heart. You can find “The Maiden’s Choice” for sale here.

New Anthology Published: “Satyr Day” by Alana Church

Greetings, puny mortals!

Yes, it is I, Bacchus, God of wine and fertility, here to tell you about the latest offering from my handmaiden, Alana Church!

“Satyr Day” tells the story of a mortal man, Owen Howard. Late one night, Owen encounters my emissary, Phoebe. After proving his worth and good will, Phoebe gifts him with a copper bracelet in which I have invested a portion of my divine will. Soon, the women in Owen’s life are affected by the bracelet, as is he. As the day progresses, Own has a choice to make. Will he accept his destiny as the avatar of a God? Or will he prove himself a coward and waste the opportunity of a lifetime?

An excerpt follows:

“So what about you, papi?” she said. She put an arm around his shoulders and snuggled close. “Any new women in your life?”

“Ha,” he said. “I asked Anaya out again tonight. And she turned me down again.”

“I like Anaya,” Isabel said. “She is very pretty.” She turned towards him, full breast pressing into his arm. “Not as pretty as you are, though, mi vida.” She kissed his cheek softly, pressing close.

Suddenly Owen was very aware of her warm body next to his. His cock stirred and lengthened, growing down the length of his thigh. Their eyes met, hers shining brightly with desire.

She wants you. The thought came to his mind unbidden. If he gave her the smallest hint, his attractive landlady would be more than willing to take him to bed.

Instead he rolled off the trunk, eyes wide. “Isabel, I think you’ve had a little too much to drink. How about we go inside? I’ve got to be at work at ten o’clock.

“Oh, by the way,” he added. “One of the drivers got fired tonight, and I’m taking a day shift tomorrow, so I can be here when Samara visits for supper tomorrow night.”

Isabel sat up, cheeks flaming in embarrassment. What had she been thinking? Somehow, it had seemed so right, to snuggle close to Owen, so handsome, so strong. Hands shaking, she clambered to her feet, ignoring the urgent ache in her belly, the warm glow in her breasts.

This anthology can be found exclusively on Amazon as part of their Kindle Unlimited program. Interested mortals can purchase it here.


New Book Published. “Star Seed” by Alana Church


Alana Church - Star Seed - Click Image to Close

Hello, Carnaltopians. I know it’s been a while since we talked, but I have a new book I’d like to share with you.

It has been a literary trope ever since men and women looked up into the night sky. The possibility of visitors from other planets coming down and meeting us.

And with that possibility, comes the inevitable follow-up: would these visitors look like us? Would they be attractive? Powerful? Beautiful? From ancient legend to Star Trek, the possibility of mating with alien beings is a powerful thread in our shared mythology.

Star Seed is one attempt at an answer. Our story follows Andi, a young woman who has fallen on hard times. In desperation, she is working as an escort, a profession she has little taste for. One day she receives an offer to spend a week with a new client, an offer which would allow her to claw her way out of her mountain of debt.

What she does not know is that money is only the smallest of gifts she might receive, if she is brave enough to reach out her hands and take them.

An excerpt follows:

  “I think I’m going to take a shower, then go to bed,” Andi said. “Otherwise I’m going to fall right over. I had a late night last night at my other job. Unless you need me for something…” she let herself trail off suggestively, hoping Chara would catch the invitation in her voice.
“Yes, you do look tired,” Chara said, completely missing her hint. “Sleep well, and dream sweetly. Already I am looking forward to our day tomorrow.” In two quick steps she crossed the distance between them. Andi sighed in pleasure as her arms came around her in a tender embrace. She was so warm! Her touch was like stepping into a sun-warmed room on a cold winter’s day. The heat sank into her muscles, relaxing her.
After a moment, Chara let her grip ease, though she still held onto Andi’s shoulders. She opened her mouth, as if to make some parting comment, then closed it again. Instead, she leaned close and brushed Andi’s cheek with her lips. She made as if to repeat the gesture on her other cheek, but Andi intercepted her mouth with her own, capturing her lips in a kiss.
Andi swam in a sea of desire. Chara’s mouth was soft and warm and willing on hers. Her body moved closer, pliant and undemanding, content to accept Andi’s affection.
Andi found her arms roaming along the skin of Chara’s back. Her hands drifted lower, over the sweet curves of her rear and to her thighs. Almost without thinking, she gathered the folds of Chara’s dress in her hands, pulling the hem higher. In moments, Chara’s legs were bare and Andi could fondle the exposed skin of her rear.
No panties! Andi’s head swam in astonishment. But her probing fingers told the truth. Her friend had spent the entire day with her dressed in only a thin layer of silk. With one hand in the small of her back, Andi slipped the other around to her front resting on her taut stomach. In her fevered imagination, the scenario presented itself. She would drop to her knees and pleasure Chara with lips and tongue. And then they would go to her room for a night of passion-soaked lovemaking.
A mere instant before she could kneel, she found her wrists caught in Chara’s hands. “No, darling,” she said, her voice slightly husky. “Not yet.” She reached up her hand and cupped her cheek, and Andi had to stifle a shudder of longing. She looked down between them, to where their breasts nearly touched. Her nipples were stiff and aching within her bra.
Chara smiled as she released her, the expression full of promise. “Not tonight,” she said. “You are tired, my friend, and I am a little bit drunk. If you come to my bed, it will be when you know me fully. With no secrets between us.”
“I want you now,” Andi whispered.
“Do you?” Chara’s voice was wise, her eyes keen. “Or do you just want the idea of me? A glamorous woman who is beautiful and wealthy, come to take you away from your drab existence? No, Andi,” she said, shaking her head sadly. “You do not know me yet. And when you do, you may find the reality makes you unwilling to continue our acquaintance.
“Sleep now. I will see you in the morning.” She turned and walked into her bedroom, closing the door behind her firmly.

Thanks to Jo and Moira for another lovely cover!

You can buy a copy of Star Seed here.

Reviewed: Taken Hard in the Woods, gay erotica by K.C. Cave

KC CAVE - Taken Hard in the Woods_small

E-Read Erotica Reviews: They are exactly what I would imagine two horny hikers to be like, ever chasing wood in the forest, using every spare moment for sex, and endlessly thinking with their more smaller, yet endlessly more lustful heads….The book ends with a remarkable and genre-breaking scene which not only highlights the differences between an all-male outing, and one where a woman makes things a bit more complex. Add some artful highlight scenes, genre-breaking scenes, and a bittersweet ending and we have a book that takes the concept of an action-only book to a new level of depth and meaning. I enjoyed this.

Blurb: A two-week mountain hike becomes a two-way male lovefest when the weather conspires to trap a couple healthy, handsome and horny guys in a tent. It gets more complicated when two locals, wearing bib overalls and nothing else, wander into camp, leading to hot, heavy and fast gay four-way. Back in town and showered, the guys yearn for some female companionship to re-establish their hetero cred. Enter Ricki, a part-timer who specializes in welcoming horny hikers back from the wilds. [gay sex, escort, anal sex, M/M/F sex, three-way sex, prostitute, whore, orgy, outdoor sex, male masturbation, mutual masturbation, oral sex, fellatio, squirting, male sex in the woods, tent sex, MMMM four-way sex, motel sex, cornhole, blow job, waitress]

Word count: 8,200

Yet Another New Title: “Feeling Blue,” by Alana Church

Alana Church - Tales of The Change #02 - Feeling Blue - Click Image to Close

Happy Friday, Carnaltopians!

For this evening, and your reading pleasure, I have the second “Tale of the Change.” The premise of this series is that there has been a vast, unexplained change in the human genome. One out of every ten thousand humans have found themselves blessed (or cursed) with unexplained, and unexplainable, changes to their physical and mental powers. (please don’t sue me, marvel Studios! This is nothing like the X-Men!). Some of the Changed have become superheroes. Or superheroines. Others, with a less demanding moral compass, have become supervillains.

In the first of these stories, we met Olivia Lee, also known as the Seductress. She is the sexual protector of her city, blessed with incredible looks and a demanding libido. She meets Edward Brewster, who, due to unfortunate circumstances, is cursed with impotence. A curse which extends to all males he comes into contact with.

Sensing a challenge, Olivia takes it upon herself to try to cure him of his affliction. In the course of their evening, she discovers she is also a sexual healer, and she and Edward (unfortunately nicknamed E.D.) become lovers.

Our story continues the next morning. Curious as to whether Olivia’s healing ability is permanent, or a one-shot deal, Olivia and Edward seek out Chloe “Blue” Balls. Chloe is a grifter, meeting men and then draining their bank accounts as they try to buy her love. But, like Edward, she is desperately unhappy with her circumstances.

An excerpt follows:

Chuck Evans watched the three people in the booth near the window. His eyes were wide as he drank in Olivia’s voluptuous form and Chloe’s pale-skinned beauty. He pulled out his cell phone and snapped a few surreptitious pictures. Wait until he got off work! No one in the dorm was going to believe he had seen three of the Changed together! And one of them was the Seductress! And Blue Balls and E.D., too! He eagerly waited for the conversation to break off, and for the three of them to throw down in an epic fight like the one the Exterminator and the Flying Fox had in St. Louis last month.

The one which had left the Arch lying at the bottom of the Mississippi River, and the governor of Missouri howling for damages.

Sadly, no battle seemed to be forthcoming. While the conversation grew heated at times, there was no hint of violence.

Probably just as well, he thought. I need the job. And if these three get rowdy one little coffee shop is going to be the least of their concerns.

He straightened up as the Seductress rose and slowly strutted over to the counter, the hem of her dress fluttering around her thighs. He gulped, eyes wide, as her sheer physical impact drained the blood from his brain. His shaft tented his pants, and he tried to hide it behind the register.

“Hello,” he said, flushing as his voice broke like a kid going through puberty. “Can I help you? Do you need a refill?” He tried to keep his eyes off the proud hills of her breasts, their nipples poking at the thin cloth covering her chest.

“You surely can,” she said, her voice low and dark, thick with desire. “And I do need a refill. It has been…hours…since someone filled me up.” In his pants, his shaft surged, pounding with his heartbeat. He barely noticed Blue Balls stand and join the Seductress.

“Do you see my friend over there? The thin man with dark hair?”

Chuck nodded. “E.D.,” he said.

She smiled. “He prefers Edward these days. But I’m glad you know who he is. And who we are. Well, Chuck,” she said, reading his name tag. “Edward and I have a little bet. And Blue here is very interested in the result. Edward thinks I can’t make you come with him in the building. You know how he is supposed to affect men. I think I can do it. Blue is going to be our witness.

“So is there someplace we can be alone? Just the three of us?”

Chuck’s eyes darted between the three of them. The Seductress smiled and leaned forward, allowing him to see down her cleavage. Blue Balls rolled her eyes. In the corner booth, E.D. (no, Edward, damn it!) raised his cup in a mocking salute.

“Cynthia,” he said, his voice shaking a little. “Could you watch the front counter for a few minutes? I’m taking my break.”

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“Sly, Sneaky, and Incredibly Hot Genius.” A new book review of Alana Church’s “While the Cat’s Away”

Alana Church - While The Cat's Away #1 - While The Cat's Away - Click Image to Close

Wow! I certainly didn’t expect a review like this!

To be honest, I think Sylvia was a little wary about reviewing a book which is blatantly incestuous in its theme. But apparently she liked the way the sexual tension slowly ramped up, and didn’t blow its wad (if you will excuse the pun) in the first few pages.

“While the Cat’s Away” follows three people through a hot week in southern Illinois. Sexy teenage twins Dawn and Donny are being watched by their older cousin Cindy while their mother is away at a church conference in Omaha. Cindy is recently divorced from her husband, and her overactive sex drive pushes her towards her towards her not-quite-innocent relatives. See the excerpt below:

“What about Donny, there?” she asked, as he came back around the corner with the mower, heading towards the far end of the yard. “You can’t tell me he hasn’t had girls drooling all over him.”

“Oh, they do,” sighed Dawn. “Then Mom sits them down for a chat, and you never see them again.”

“Too bad,” sighed Cindy. She gazed at Donny’s lithe form, pushing the mower across the grass. “He makes me feel all squirmy inside.”

“What?” Dawn asked, wondering if she had heard her cousin correctly.

“Oh, you know,” Cindy said dreamily. “Don’t you? You look at a guy, and you say to yourself, well, he’s kind of cute, but nothing to call home about. But you watch him a little bit more. And before you know it, you’re all wet. Down there,” she added, nodded towards her crotch.

“And you start to wonder what he would be like in bed. If he knows what to do with his hands. If he is a good kisser or not. If he is good at foreplay. What his cock is like. Is it one of those sad little pencil-dicks, or is it a nice long thick one that you can have some fun with?”

Disbelieving, Dawn watched as Cindy pulled her skirt up into her lap and pushed her panties down her legs, pooling at her ankles. Her pouting lips gleamed red in the late-afternoon sun, her shaven mound glistening. Still talking, she drew a lingering finger up her slit, sighing as the tip parted her folds. She glanced over at her cousin, the swing slowly rocking.

“Don’t make me do it alone, Dawn,” she breathed.

You can see the full review here.

And if you want to read the whole story, you can find it on the Carnaltopia site here.